[wherever you are let’s be together in the world]

you want to be a visionary.

or a sailor. and it is difficult walking

the line of them both. when the view

becomes too bent. the world becomes

too straight to stand. headaches call too

frequently. when you blink and. see only cardboard,

smoke, sirens. it would be nice.

to wake up on a boat.

somewhere new. somewhere where the air

is thick with fish.

though you hate fish. an unpronounceable town

can get greet you at the harbour. no handshakes,

warm embraces. sloppy kisses.

chests pressed together on reunions.

withered hands on your bare shoulders.

fruit pips in the sand. cool shadows in the

belly of palm trees. bowls with squiggles on.

forks blunt to the bone. no salt on

the table. but, a tiny cat in the street.

a yappy dog in the kitchen. a gigantic pan

that could. make a meal of you. no measuring jugs with

red numbers needed here. scoops from packets.

dishing, sifting, spreading herbs. minerals.

at the market, there is rainbows and humanness

spread out on stalls.

you are drawn to peachy ear lobes. piercing eyes that

attack harsh frowns. hair wraps. ice cubes.

dropped with a conk. by fingers the shade of holidays.

smiles from strangers that nuzzle. all that you once were.


Published by sophiegracehollis

I'm a solid girl from East London, England, now living in Scotland with my partner, Jillianne. I like to read, write, travel and play scrabble by the fire. I graduated university three years ago with a degree in English Literature. Now my work focusses on queer poetry and a heavy sense of nostalgia. I am obsessed with sand dunes, oak trees, the sea.

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