The death of a teacher, and the student left behind

Yesterday I woke with a clear objective. I suddenly had the overwhelming instinct to email a drama professor who taught me at university from 2013-2016 when I’d studied English and Drama in London. I had been meaning to reach out to her since I graduated, but for some unfathomable reason I had never got roundContinue reading “The death of a teacher, and the student left behind”

[indistinguishable marks]

nothing really matters. not the crows poised trilling with neat claws and important feathers in the corridor drenched with expired notice boards. not the pale white light boasting leftover liquid cereal on dark nights of slobber spinning drunk over sloshy rain slabs and honks that pull you up. not the Kiss, or the sheets thatContinue reading “[indistinguishable marks]”

West Highland Way, one week away

Hey! I hope you are keeping safe and well and all that. Just a quick one today to say that we leave for our West Highland Way adventure this Saturday, 1st August, hiking 96 miles from Milngavie in Glasgow to Fort William. After nearly two months of preparing for what will be our first multi-dayContinue reading “West Highland Way, one week away”

[if poetry is dead]

If poetry is dead then I am long gone Forget I am writing even as I am speaking Throw the book in the river Bury the sounds I make under-ground. If poetry is dead then I am weeping for if ears have been hiding then what I have been saying Recall the lost sonnets, essaysContinue reading “[if poetry is dead]”

Oh dear, what happened to Killing Eve? A Season Three Review

There are Killing Eve spoilers in this from all seasons, so stay or leave at your own peril. Either way I’m going to start now. Killing Eve was my favourite TV show, possibly ever. Watching season one the show was punchy, shocking, deeply vibrant and abrupt – it oozed sex and dry European wit. AllContinue reading “Oh dear, what happened to Killing Eve? A Season Three Review”

[silence or deafening noise]

it’s been hard to write anything in the past few days. i have held off from posting any poetry to give space to black voices, black artists, black activists and black lives. my heart is so heavy for black communities in the usa and around the world, whom history and governments have treated like secondContinue reading “[silence or deafening noise]”