[evenings in mid-june]

evenings in mid-june coming to a close. confessions from midsomer murders hum into the whispers of nine o clock. mum is asleep on the sofa, stray hairs from her blonde fringe jump up happily to the sighs of the window gaping. forgotten to shut. apple pie left out on the side. the custard carton slicedContinue reading “[evenings in mid-june]”

[good people]

believe in tomorrow and good people with kind smiles called toby or lily and their blonde dog. place your faith in shoe polish and homemade pasta bake. take a trip to a beach with messy sand dunes and rocky shores. watch the tide come in and then, watch it go out. favour tartan. lose yourselfContinue reading “[good people]”

[describing the happiness of that morning]

that morning i sauntered  into the sun as it spilled on to the street. i skipped past the transparent blotches on the cobblestones like puddles on the table from the water jug over breakfast. i looked up. the sky was a beauty that morning. a newborn baby. flickering waves on the water. airplane clouds ahead.Continue reading “[describing the happiness of that morning]”