[wearing thin]

let us meet here in this hour in this place where no one else can find us. like ghosts in the wind let us pass through each other spill our insides out to run freely in the woods. like waiters serving riches let us present ourselves readily dine on moral platters eat ravenously with ourContinue reading “[wearing thin]”


in my dreams, i am often standing in an empty field of barley. my fingers curl around the bristly heads, as they wait. poised like school paintbrushes to be plucked by warm hands and flung across the country. made into muesli. sloppy soup in frosty bowls that heat an eighteenth century country house like aContinue reading “porridge”

[wherever you are let’s be together in the world]

you want to be a visionary. or a sailor. and it is difficult walking the line of them both. when the view becomes too bent. the world becomes too straight to stand. headaches call too frequently. when you blink and. see only cardboard, smoke, sirens. it would be nice. to wake up on a boat.Continue reading “[wherever you are let’s be together in the world]”

[homemade apple pie]

we made a homemade apple pie. this glorious terrible ruin. deep in summer when rainwater sits hot in july puddles swamped in the north west of scotland. and it is swelling like a balloon in the oven window. its light revealing the flaky pastry. this invasive, unrelenting beam. like a spaceship casting its light onContinue reading “[homemade apple pie]”

[the wide opean ocean]

the wide open ocean was made for lonely women. one afternoon atthe beach i watched a woman stare at it for hours. her hands werepoised on a page of a book. her eyes transfixed at the frothy waves asthey swelled. in the distance a boy whacked the red head of a bucketover and over withContinue reading “[the wide opean ocean]”

[mind on the sky]

her mind drifts with the tide. storms in and trails out, back to the beginning. floats upwards like a kite, flutters through blusters of wind. sometimes i find her crashing at the days end. other times she soars on rooftops, not a cloud in sight. you can’t trace her, you’ve tried. you won’t know whatContinue reading “[mind on the sky]”

[evenings in mid-june]

evenings in mid-june coming to a close. confessions from midsomer murders hum into the whispers of nine o clock. mum is asleep on the sofa, stray hairs from her blonde fringe jump up happily to the sighs of the window gaping. forgotten to shut. apple pie left out on the side. the custard carton slicedContinue reading “[evenings in mid-june]”

[good people]

believe in tomorrow and good people with kind smiles called toby or lily and their blonde dog. place your faith in shoe polish and homemade pasta bake. take a trip to a beach with messy sand dunes and rocky shores. watch the tide come in and then, watch it go out. favour tartan. lose yourselfContinue reading “[good people]”