web design

I am currently studying web development on an 18-week course, totalling over 500 hours of coding. Upon completion, I will be a qualified Junior Web Developer with a HNC Level 7 in Software Development. Web development effectively combines my passion for writing and design, so this is hugely exciting for me.

Have a look at my web design portfolio and see what projects I’ve been working on so far.

Week 3 – I created a fictional pizza brand named ‘Pizza Yard’ and created a website with a pizza order form. I used HTML and CSS to make this a fully functioning, visually beautiful website.

View my Pizza Yard website here: https://sophiehollis.github.io/week-3-pizza-yard/index.html

Week 4 – combining my knowledge of HTML and CSS, I created a webpage for a fictional travel company I made named ‘Rugged Scotland’. I based the web design on a grid layout, including main nav bar, hover effects, use of margins and a designed logo.

Visit Rugged Scotland website here: https://sophiehollis.github.io/week-4-rugged-scotland-youtube-travel/

Week 7 – after practicing html, css and bootstrap for hours every day, I had great fun making a multi-page website based on our homework – a dating app for animals (I chose donkeys, because why not eh?). The brand ‘Stable Date’ was borne. Next week, we start Java.

Visit the Stable Date website here: https://sophiehollis.github.io/stable-date-week-7/index.html